Have you wished for new telephone equipment and communication services to catch up with today’s technology but thought it was beyond your budget? And, when you do update, worry that your system will become obsolete before you even pay if off? IP Genie offers

IP Genie offers highly reliable VOIP solutions for Connecticut municipalities, non-profit, and for-profit companies.


Highly reliable VOIP solutions with IP Genie Managed Services

  • lower telephone costs
  • reliable, high-quality calls
  • a broad range of telecommunication features
  • fully redundant, reliable and flexible Premise/Hosted VOIP solutions
  • predictable technology, cost structure, and budgeting
  • no major hardware expenditure
  • easily and economically scale up or down
  • keep up with ever-changing technology with free cloud upgrades
  • reduced space requirements
  • lower energy costs

No need to keep wishing. See what IP Genie can do for you and make the switch to reliable, affordable VOIP today!