Analog Line Replacement with SIP Voice Over IP

Works with virtually every telephone system allowing you to retain all existing phone numbers — including toll-free! Convert SIP to analog for Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) with an analog telephone adapter. Ideal for legacy key systems, Centrex replacement and other single- or multi-line applications.

Robust Features

  • Advanced Voicemail – Retrieve messages by phone, Internet or Email. Get easy, complete account access from any Internet connection.
  • Seamless Call Forwarding – Forward incoming calls to any phone in the USA or Canada. Calls are transferred immediately — in real time — so the caller never knows the call has been forwarded.
  • Call Return – Last incoming call is automatically returned.
  • Call Transfer – Transfer a call to any phone such as home phone, cell phone or office phone anywhere in the USA or Canada.
  • Call waiting – Accept an incoming call while already on a call. The first call is placed on hold while the second incoming call is answered.
  • 3-Way/Multi-line Conference Calling – Easily connect with multiple parties simultaneously. Multi-line calling costs the same as making individual calls.
  • Conference in any number — national or international.
  • e911 – By pressing 9-1-1 with a digital phone, 911 will know the location no matter where you are. Turn on and off at will for privacy and discretion.
  • ID Privacy – Ability to block your identity when making a call. Activate ID Block on a per-call basis when making an outgoing call.
  • International Call Blocking – Ability to block or unblock international calling.
  • Repeat Dialing – Busy number? This feature calls back when the number you’re trying is no longer busy.
  • Speed Dial – Access eight, quick-speed dials by pressing a single button (2-9). Up to 100 speed dials using *75 plus two digits (00-99).
  • Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity – Solutions designed with multiple levels of redundancy, automatic fail over, and more.


  • Auto Call Overflow – Handle call overflow and queue calls with customer-provided announcement. When trunk becomes available, the caller is immediately connected.
  • Message/Music-on-Hold – Custom voice announcements or download music selections. Ability to change choice and order of music or messages on hold.

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