SIP Trunking — The scalable, dial tone replacement solution that has high-end features without a high-end price tag. Add enhanced functionality to your existing phone system without having to replace it. SIP Trunking is perfect for any size business.

Combine your voice, inter-office data, and Internet traffic onto one cost-effective circuit. We simply replace your existing incoming, outgoing and toll-free lines with SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) services. Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) is a telecommunications protocol that allows for signaling and controlling multimedia communication sessions.

SIP Trunking

  • Works with virtually any premise-based system using a private connection or over broadband
  • Allows connection to non-IP based PBX and key systems
  • Ability to reuse specific existing telephones
  • Instant provisioning of trunks, DIDs and toll-free numbers
  • Re-route calls to any telephone number or cell phone in the event of an emergency — automatically or upon request
  • Savings on trunks, toll-free numbers and long distance range from 15% to 50% or more every month
  • Simplified moves, adds, and changes via experienced personnel
  • Minimal up-front capital expense
  • Predictable monthly communications expenses
  • Pay for only what is needed by scaling up or down based on business needs
  • Each Trunk includes Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery (BCDR) 
  • Engineered for full redundancy at no additional charge (Trunk, DID, Toll-Free, and National Network Redundancy)
  • Hybrid architecture (SIP Trunking and Hosted stations) accommodates remote worker/offices
  • Provides Trunk or Line Replacement (analog, digital, PRI or SIP hand-off)
  • Analog Trunk and POTS line replacement; Ideal for legacy PBX/key systems, Centrex replacement, and other single-line/multi-line applications
  • Converts SIP to T1 or T1 PRI signaling for legacy PBX systems; Utilizes Internet network interface and router with QoS settings
  • Local, long distance, toll-free, and the Internet accessed via the same Internet circuit

Ideal Environments for SIP Trunking

Multiple Locations – Connect all of your locations across a large geography and eliminate long distance charges between offices. Create a centralized call flow between your offices to leverage resources and calls across your enterprise.

Relocating Companies – Never lose your numbers again. Keep your numbers just like your cell number. Take them with you when you relocate. No more expensive market expansion lines.

Fast Growing Businesses – Grow your business across the country and around the world without the need for expensive brick and mortar, and with ease. No more paying the phone company for antiquated service that is tied to a specific location.

Seasonal Demands – You have the ability to expand and contract your system to meet your peak times of the year.

Constricting Budgets – Our customers have seen an average of 30% savings over their existing telecom expenses.

High-end SIP Trunking Features:

  • Free on-net and branch-to-branch calling
  • Fast provisioning of trunks, DIDs and toll-free numbers
  • Optional fixed-cost or metered long distance
  • Reroute calls to any number or cell phone in the event of an emergency — automatically or upon request
  • IVR/Automated attendant with call queuing and announcement if all trunks are busy
  • Utilize existing broadband or service provider for T1, Direct Internet Access, Metro Ethernet, MPLS or Point-to-Point to our Data Center

Sip Trunking Diagram